What Do You Know About Purchase Book? Importance, Format Explained

purchase book

The purchase book is an important book of entry because it tracks credit purchases. When inventory is purchased on credit, the terms of the purchase are important to track. The purchase book allows businesses to keep track of their inventory costs and the terms of their credit purchases. The purchase book format is a method of keeping track of inventory purchases. This format is used to track inventory items that are purchased regularly.

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Payment is normally made in cash or by credit card (to be paid later). A purchase may also be part of a barter deal in which various non-cash assets are swapped, or it may be made in exchange for the acceptance of responsibility. Prepare the purchase subsidiary book of Unreal Pvt Ltd. from the following details. As per the ruling of double entry system, entry for each purchase reflects two accounts. The first one is the purchase account and the other account will be creditor’s account. In this column, we have to write the date of the event or business transaction.

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purchase book

A purchase book is a type of accounting record that is used to track the purchase of inventory by a business. The purchase book includes information such as the date of purchase, the supplier, and the quantity and cost of the inventory purchased. The purchase book is used to track inventory levels and to calculate the cost of goods sold (COGS). A purchase book is an important tool for businesses to manage their inventory and to ensure that they are not overspending on inventory. Purchase return books can be considered as subsidiary books where the return for goods purchased are recorded. When inventory is purchased on credit, the purchase is recorded in the purchase book.

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Date, details of Creditor, Invoice Number, Ledger Folio number and the last one is Amount. Bill no. or Invoice no. related to the purchase of goods enter in this column to track it in future. The process assists in recording the sale made by the customer. For example, when a T-shirt printing company buys bulk shirts on credit, they do not pay for them in full up-front.


A company creates a purchase book to record credit purchases of items. Purchases of products for cash and purchases of non-goods are not documented in the purchase book. Cash purchases are documented in the Cash Book, while all other transactions are recorded in the Journals and corresponding Ledgers. A purchase book is a book of original entries in which all credit purchases are recorded. The purchase book records credit purchases of inventory and other items. The purchase book is similar to the sales book, but instead of recording sales, it records purchases.

purchase book

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The purchase book also tracks other credit purchases, such as office supplies or equipment. The purchase book is one of the eight types of subsidiary books used to record transactions relating to credit purchases of the products. Purchase Book in accounting is that book in which we have to record all credit business transactions related to the purchase of goods only. Cash purchases of goods are not recorded in it because all these transactions are recorded in the Cash Book. This book is also known as purchase register, purchase day book, purchase journal, and purchase invoice book.

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  • Cash purchases are documented in the Cash Book, while all other transactions are recorded in the Journals and corresponding Ledgers.
  • Purchase Book in accounting is that book in which we have to record all credit business transactions related to the purchase of goods only.
  • By keeping track of the name and quantity of each item, you can easily see which items you need to order more.

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