3 Proven Inside Bar Trading strategies you need to be profitable in Forex

Here are a few types of bars that you will most likely use when utilizing the InSide Bar Strategy. Nial Fuller is a Professional Trader & Author who is considered ‘The Authority’ on Price Action Trading. He has a monthly readership of 250,000+ traders and has taught over 25,000+ students since 2008. The signal begins to show up when you have an inside bar and that can be easily scanned for.

By doing so, you limit your trade potential to the point that you are likely to begin taking subpar setups. It is, therefore, important to treat inside bars as another tool inside your trading toolbox rather than the toolbox itself. If the mother bar has a weak body then it might not be very sure to trade in it.

For more information on trading inside bars and other price action patterns, click here. The biggest change I would make is to ensure you are looking at a trending market. Using a simple trend structure (higher highs and lows for example), can add to the success of each reversal especially in a smooth trending market.

Inside Bar Forex Trading Strategy

Without confluences, you will not be able to make a profit obviously. The inside bar is the best candlestick pattern and I have used price action with the inside bar candlestick and made the best tradeable strategies. finmax forex broker review When the inside bar forms at that resistance level, it is a clear indication that the market is deciding its future direction. Breakout of the inside bar pattern confirms the direction of the market.

This stock eventually gapped up and over the top of the triangle and the top of the mother bar during the breakout. Once you see the rules, you will note that is not a trade we could take. The “classic” and most commonly used stop loss placement will be just above or below the mother bar high or low, depending on if you are trading long or short of course. The size of the inside bar compare to the mother bar is very important.

Of critical importance here, is that the inside bar formed at a key chart level, indicating the market was hesitating and “unsure” if it wanted to move any higher. We can see a decent downside move occurred as price broke down past the inside bar’s mother bar low.. In the EUR/GBP chart below, the preceding trend is seen by lower lows and lower highs. The breakout occurs below the low of the ‘preceding bar’ thus triggering a short entry into the market.

You can sometimes trade inside bars as reversal signals from key chart levels. Please note that this should ONLY be tried after you have successfully mastered trading inside bars in-line with the daily chart trend as continuation / breakout plays, as we discussed above. I also recommend sticking to inside bars that are in-line with the daily chart trend as continuation signals until you have fully mastered trading them that way. In the example below, we are looking at trading an inside bar pattern against the dominant daily chart trend. In this case, price had come back down to test a key support level , formed a pin bar reversal at that support, followed by an inside bar reversal.

  • Let’s discuss some facts about inside bars first and then I will go over some examples of how I like to trade them.
  • Remember, candlestick patterns are not foolproof signals, and the Inside and Outside Bars should be used as part of a comprehensive trading strategy.
  • When the high of the previous bar (or candle) is higher than the current bar and the low of the previous bar is lower than the current bar, then current bar is an Inside Bar.
  • In a strong trending market (when the price is above 20MA), the pullback is shallow.
  • You can sometimes trade inside bars as reversal signals from key chart levels.

Stops based on % will not take into account current market volatility. We need a place to exit our trades in both profits and in losses. This is not the best example because candle number one of the 3 bar inside bar strategy shows obvious signs of lower price rejection (reversal type of candlestick). How should we enter the market and where should we set our stop orders? This is because the lower time frames are influenced by “noise” and therefore might produce false signals. You can probably make a (weak) case for the line being a support or resistance level.

The great thing about inside bar candlestick patterns is that they provide visual evidence that the market has contracted and may be ready to reverse the current trend. In fact, trading with the trend is the only way to trade an inside bar setup. Note that this pair was in a strong uptrend leading up to both setups. This is the kind of momentum you want to look for when trading this strategy. An inside bar that forms on the higher time frame has more “relevant” simply because the pattern took more time to form. This means more traders were actively involved in its formation.

Not a Strong Trend

He has taught over 25,000 students via his Price Action Trading Course since 2008. If you have ever engaged in the development of Expert Advisors, you probably know that errors often happen when closing and setting orders, including waiting time, incorrect stops, etc. To eliminate such errors, we should write a separate function with a small built-in handler of basic errors.

Inside bar: Exit

InSide Bars vary in size and range of the candle body, with the smaller variants showing an indecisive market. The strategy is useful when determining market strength and to capture a swing or ride a trend on the exit. In the chart below, we can see an example of a good inside bar reversal signal.

Characteristics of a Profitable Inside Bar Setup

As market volatility is always shifting, it helps to see multiple InSide Bars together because it is a strong sign that there will be big movement in the markets. First, you will see that we have inside bars that acted as continuation signals, that is they resulted in a continuation of the previous momentum before their formation. These continuation inside bars often result in nice breakouts in-line with the current trend and near-term momentum.

Traders that are in profit on the original setup, may consider using further setups as continuation patterns. Once the reversal is complete, traders would add to their current position. I prefer smaller and “tighter” inside bars that don’t have really large mother bars…this shows more ‘compression’ and what is enterprise software and its types thus a stronger potential breakout from that compression. Remember, candlestick patterns are not foolproof signals, and the Inside and Outside Bars should be used as part of a comprehensive trading strategy. Always test these methods thoroughly and ensure they fit within your overall trading plan.


That is, the strategy is the foundation with the inside bar seen as more of a prompt. Some traders consider it a continuation pattern though a breakout in the opposite direction is possible too. After price has trended up (or down) for an extended period, the candlestick chart excel pause in price movement (represented by the inside bar) precedes a reversal of the trend. Therefore, the inside bar is looked at for a short-term trade (or swing trading) in the counter-trend direction with the goal of holding the trade for less than 10 bars.

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