12 Misconceptions About Queer Girls I Would Like To Clear-up Nowadays

12 Misconceptions About Queer Females I Want To Clear-up At This Time

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12 Misconceptions About Queer Girls I Would Ike To Eliminate Now

As a queer girl, we notice countless dumb situations on a semi-regular basis. I am always happy to educate the genuinely curious, as long as they truly are sincere, but some of misconceptions rotating around queer older women lesbian, and bisexuals are grounded on lack of knowledge. Next time someone asks you a ludicrous question regarding the sexuality, send these to this. It’s a convenient guide to pull-out any time somebody attempts to decay you with an idiotic myth.

  1. No, utilizing a dildo doesn’t mean queer ladies crave penis.

    We hear this debate many times this helps make me personally wanna shove dildos inside my ears so I don’t have to hear it again. See, a dildo is certainly not like a penis, in no way. A number of them tend to be molded like penises, but which has had more regarding feminine structure versus penis alone. Queer women make use of dildos and vibrators for the same explanation right women do: they never ever get worn out, possible change the battery packs should they carry out, in addition they never have trouble choosing the clit.

  2. No, lesbians are not lesbians because we never ever came across the best guy.

    Every queer girl i understand provides heard this insulting statement, specially the women who are in same-sex connections. Many of them, like myself, spent the required time online dating males. They never ever came across the proper man simply because they, like me, had been supposed to be interested in just the right woman even so they don’t realize it but. Actually, You will find no want to continue having sex with guys in order to make sure “the right choice” actually on the market someplace, waiting for a lesbian to bone him.

  3. No, women don’t like ladies because a guy out of cash all of our minds.

    Women who discover some other women attractive do not do so because we cannot get guys or because we lost a guy or because some guy left all of us. Liking ladies is not a consolation prize, neither is it a selection. Occasionally, a breakup can make a female start her sight and know that she’s not satisfied, but a broken heart never ever “turned” any individual gay. Miss me with this, please.

  4. No, we aren’t queer caused by sexual assault or rape.

    You simply can’t make someone desire a same-sex relationship. Sexual attack is harmful and complicated, completely, and I also say that as a survivor. Quite a few women can be. What I went through had nothing in connection with my destination toward women, though. Never try to look for a scapegoat to explain out all of our sexuality. That ain’t going to work.

  5. No, queer females you should never dislike guys.

    Do some queer females dislike men? Probably. Is-it because those women can be gay? Nope. The majority of lesbians and bisexual women can be completely cool revealing the planet with these bros. Do not want to have intercourse with you, but that rarely implies we dislike you. If that is how you feel, then issue most likely lies to you.

  6. No, certainly us actually “the guy” together with additional a person isn’t “the girl.”

    That is some heteronormative BS immediately. Two ladies in a connection won’t need to fall under the exact same parts as a traditional heterosexual couple. Hell, a guy and a lady in a relationship don’t have to end up in those groups, either. They may be arbitrary and obsolete. Two femme females are in a relationship as conveniently as two butch ladies, or certainly one of each. They could actually proceed through phases. Whom realized?

  7. No, lesbians and bisexuals that like butch women can be perhaps not right.

    I am butch, my spouse likes myself, I am pretty sure she actually is perhaps not directly. It’s an aesthetic, a mindset, an attitude. It is not penis-envy. Women that like women and are generally interested in androgynous or masculine-presenting women however like women, you enjoy?

  8. No, femme queer women are perhaps not baffled.

    The concept that
    feminine-presenting queer women
    are simply puzzled or going right on through a period is actually absurd. Ways a female outfits doesn’t have anything to do with her sexuality. Neither really does her makeup products. People are often amazed my wife is actually married to a woman because she actually is extremely girly, but that’s because she loves to put on makeup products and do her hair. She also loves boobies and snatch. Whereis the correlation?

  9. No, not all queer ladies have actually father issues.

    Really don’t also fully grasp this one, to tell the truth, but I’ve been asked, since has actually each alternate queer woman I know. It could happen, but it doesn’t constantly, so when it does, the paternal issues have absolutely nothing regarding sex. If it happened to be the scenario, i would like boys because my dad is the bomb.

  10. No, the lesbians never rent U-Hauls on the next dates.

    This option is really so ridiculous. It’s method of insulting, as well. We hold back until the next day. Another time is kepted for trimming our very own fingernails.

  11. No, only a few queer women burn all of our bras.

    That is to say, not all of all of us recognize as feminists or revolutionaries. Do many? You bet your nice ass we perform. But in order to meet a queer lady and instantly think that she actually is Gloria Steinem’s long-lost girl is just a lot of stereotyping bollocks.

  12. No, bisexual women do not want to have a threesome along with you.

    What exactly is it with folks let’s assume that
    all bisexuals are into threesomes
    , in any event? Bisexual women are not sexual extras. They just don’t exist to fulfill a fantasy or boost your sad, flagging sexual life. Get a hold.

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